Where Business Meets Synergy


ALCON Business Centre, also known as ABC, was officially launched in 2017 and headquartered at ALCON House which is at the heart of Manzini’s Central Business District in Eswatini. The establishment of ABC was inspired by noticing the need for local entrepreneurs and professionals to have a flexible platform from which to operate while they develop. That said, ABC was established to close such a gap and offer its community with an all-inclusive environment for business productivity. In doing so, it introduced serviced workspaces with some of the most flexible rental terms within the country. Furthermore, the company has also enhanced and made available its space to enable members of the local community to host business meetings of various types, including meetings that are geared towards positive social and environmental impact.

Moreover, the design of ABC spaces is underpinned by leveraging synergy as a means of optimising value created for users. This involves sharing most resources provided for business productivity across all users of the same space. As a result, ABC customers have enjoyed higher individual benefits at lower common costs due to the economies of scale and network effects which come with serving a collective.

Over the years, ABC continues to serve a diverse and growing client base which ranges from individual entrepreneurs and professionals to large private and public organisations. It is where business meets synergy.


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