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We offer users access to both open workspaces and private workspaces depending on their preference. Majority of these workspaces come fully furnished and serviced with essential amenities necessary to fuel user productivity. Users thus do not need to incur any setup or overhead costs which makes the serviced workspaces more cost-effective and convenient compared to traditional office space. Furthermore, the spaces have flexible lease terms depending on user preference. These spaces are thus suitable for: entrepreneurs who are running start-ups or MSMEs, freelancers, remote workers, temporary project teams, and companies expanding to new locations. We are also able to connect users to primely located traditional office spaces onsite in case they need. Such an option is more suitable for large scale businesses which prefer more independent and larger working rooms.


1. Open Workspace


The open workspace offering comprises access to a hot desk or dedicated desk within a co-working area. It also comprises complimentary access to a boardroom which can be occupied whenever users need private meeting space. In addition, the open workspaces are fully serviced with essential work amenities such as wireless internet and can be rented on a flexible basis.


2. Private Workspace


This workspace offering comprises of access to a private serviced office or a private traditional office space. The private serviced offices are fully furnished and inclusive of essential work amenities such as wireless internet, boardroom access, as well as support services such as reception and telephone management. Furthermore, our private serviced offices can be rented on flexible lease terms depending on user preference. Conversely, the traditional office spaces are not fully serviced with furniture and some utilities. However, they are much larger and can be fully customised by the tenant according to their preferences.

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